so today is kim kardashian’s birthday and as you’ll know if you are one of the unfortunate souls still playing the kim k app, they held a one-day-only promotion in honor of her birthday where your character has to attend her birthday party

and you walk in and there’s a big banner with an npc standing next to it and when you talk to her she says “take a look at banner!” and i cannot believe the kim k app made an arrested development reference

it could only have been better if the banner said “family love kim”

Title: little gray cat theme song
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"Su-sein…McSweeney…he say…"

Defining moment of this gen 2k10

#bless this man

can you really buy those monobear stickers that say “i’m sorry for being born an idiot” bc i want twelve

there is a very expensive cafe across from our store and it sells a $6 chai tea and it’s well known around the store that our manager loves this chai tea, he’s always joking that the way to get a raise is to go across the street and get him a chai tea, and he says it with such a heavy accent on “tea” it’s like he’s saying “chai TEA!!!!” and it’s funny

we open at 8 and in the half hour before we open we have little meetings and we stand in the front window and make coffee in one of the display machines and talk and joke and the manager makes little speeches to get us ready for the day, and since we’re in a pretty eccentric neighborhood it is not uncommon to see people lining up in front of the store waiting for us to open

so this morning we’re meeting as usual, talking about sales goals, and this old man is standing RIGHT outside, staring furiously at us, and peter the greeter (a more aptly-named man there never has been) is like “that guy’s got fire in his eyes…”

and my manager goes “motherfucker can WAIT! yo, he’s got ten minutes, i’m about to send his ass across the street to get me my chai TEA!” and idk i thought that was so funny

#shut up maralie
motivational statements are trash

motivational statements are trash

six hours into a ten-hour shift i just leaned back against a ladder to take some pressure off my feet for the first time all day, and got in trouble for sitting. there weren’t even any customers around, you big meanie

blackrosegreenmoss replied to your post: “i don’t mean to say btw that our customers all bad, like there are…”:
how big are these deer……

lol that’s the other thing, they’re maybe like a foot long? and they literally look like any other cheap stuffed animal you could find at fucking walmart but they cost literally $100 and people buy them

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