St. Domenico’s snake procession in Italy


St. Domenico’s snake procession in Italy

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meeting greg graffin was actually the culmination of my entire life

like i grew up listening to bad religion, i learned most of my vocabulary from bad religion, i can’t remember a time before i listened to bad religion, greg graffin is the voice of my subconscious

and then in freshman year of college i met him and told him all that and lost my fucking mind and he probably thought i was totally insane but he was so kind to me and we talked for a while and he took my hand while he was talking to me and when i told him that he’d basically like, taught me how to think, he got really quiet for a moment and was like “thank you for telling me that” and i cried

i cry a lot when i’m happy? like also i met rachel maddow a year or two ago and she said hello to me and i promptly began to cry

so anyway that’s a Treasured Moment from the Life of Maralie

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 Bad Religion, from yesterdays show at St. Augustine Amphitheatre with Stiff Little Fingers Pennywise and The Offspring.

Summer Nationals Tour. St. Augustine Florida. 2014

Photos by Dan Florez (

#they are so old now oh my god #my beloved old dudes #total grandpas #still hardcore as hell #i hate that stupid logo though lmao
#this is by tao lin isnt it #i thiiiink tao lin #he drew me a picture once #and sent it to me in the mail #i forget what it was of #it might have been a hamster #he also sent me photos of his dog


Sirius forced the rat to show himself if he was Peter.
"Showio!"Siruis said.

#NO #omg jules did you read babb chronicles when it was a thing

these two girls just came into the lounge and pulled out their tablets and one of them says to the other “what are you gonna do?”

"i’m gonna go on facebook."

ooh. okay. well i’m gonna go on pinterest.”

#idk why i found this amusing

ok grandma


ok grandma

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